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Your civil marriage

Inside Villa Spinola there is a beautiful hall dedicated to civil marriages. A lovely room where you can smell the fragrance of history and the atmosphere is truly evocative.

From the windows you can see the big Villa’s park and the sun rays peep through. You can decorate the room in order to turn it into your romantic dream about your wedding.

Do you want to marry in church?

If you want to celebrate your marriage in church, we can suggest you the beautiful Saint Valentine’s church. Yes, that’s exactly him, the patron saint of lovers. It is a small, lovely church, full of frescoes: a perfect jewel to share the vows of eternal love.

And after the ceremony?

After the ceremony you can celebrate with family and friends. And you can do that right in Villa Spinola.

You can organise your lunch or dinner in the inner halls of the Villa, or you can do that in the large outdoor park as well. If you want to have a refreshment instead, you can do it under the porch.

Choose the solution you prefer.

We have many suggestions to give you in order to organise your romantic dream at its best...

Marina estetica

Griffy Beauty Store

Elena make-up artist

Mad head

Acconciature Palmas

Arte a doppio taglio 

Sonia Spose

Baldani Abbigliamento

Zig Zag Abbigliamento


PRS Solutions

Noleggio auto

Andrea Cipriani PH

Pasticceria Garzotti

Castioni lista nozze

Foto City Live


To book Villa Spinola:

Comune di Bussolengo

Ufficio del Patrimonio, Piazza Nuova, 14
37012 Bussolengo (VR)

045 6769924 – 045 6769945

Check out the regulation for granting Villa Spinola online

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