The Commercial district of Bussolengo

Commercial districts were born with the aim of reviving the historical centres, both in terms of events and manifestations and from a commercial point of view.
The Bussolengo Commercial district “La Rosa di San Valentino Eternamore” (Saint Valentine’s Rose Eternal Love) was born in 2017 in order to promote and increase the commercial structure of the town. Its vision is based on the concept of love and is inspired by the connection between Bussolengo and Saint Valentine, the patron of love.


Arnaldo Casali, journalist and a medieval history graduate, recently published a book called “Valentine, the secret of the loving Saint”. 


As it is known, Saint Valentine is the patron of Bussolengo and a beautiful “chiesetta” (small church) dated 1300 − with frescoes dating back to 1400 and representing the thaumaturgic powers of the Saint − is named after him. All over the world, Saint Valentine is known as the patron saint of lovers.


The story narrated in Casali’s book describes the life of the Saint, who from being a pagan converts to the Christian religion, and for this reason he’s forced to pay the highest price: the loss of his beloved wife Silvia, daughter of an important officer of the Empire, who has him imprisoned. During their last encounter, Silvia gives Valentine a rose of stone (commonly known as desert rose), so that he can remember about their great love, which, just like that rose, will never wither.


This rose supports Valentine in the great challenges he goes through because of his conversion, keeping the memory of Silvia alive. The rose is kept by Valentine until his death by decapitation, and accompanies him even in his burial.


During the barbaric invasions, however, the tomb of the saint is desecrated, and the rose is brought to safety by a devotee, who hides it in a church in Northern Italy.

Desert rose
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