Summer festival and peaches exhibitions

Bussolengo Summer Festival has become a tradition for citizens and those who are interested. The city streets fill up with nightlife and lights, hosting all kinds of events. The event takes place in August, so that people can enjoy pleasant summer evenings under the stars. Every year, you can feel the families and young people’s enthusiasm in the air, among dj-sets, live music and shows that convey energy and positivity. The central square Piazza XXVI Aprile and the commercial street Corso Mazzini are the ones hosting the events during the festival days, along with the 15th century mansion Villa Spinola.


The recurring festival includes the Peaches Exhibition as well, fruit for which the area going from Bussolengo to Pescantina is known for its large cultivation. “PrinciPesca” is the brand that Bussolengo fruit and vegetables market and the two municipalities decided to differentiate the specific species of peach which is locally grown. This fruit is very appreciated and in great demand, and it is the main ingredient of the dinner party: an evening outdoor meal with a menu which integrates the peach with the other courses. 

The festival doesn’t lack live music, photographic and painting exhibitions and even talent shows. Bussolengo hosts variety, originality and fresh news. The traditional concert “San Rocco Music Festival” closes the summer event in the city centre, a journey into Italian music involving everyone with great classics. Admission is free and it represents the best way to end a nice country festival.

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